25th District Court Judge

25th District Court Judge

Judge Amy Sigmon Walker has served the citizens of Burke, Caldwell and Catawba counties as District Court Judge since 2002. With your support, she can continue serving our community.

Meet Amy

I am running for re-election as a District Court Judge in the 25th District, which includes Caldwell, Burke, and Catawba counties. District Court is known as the people's court because it deals with so many aspects of everyday life. Child custody and support, divorce, traffic tickets, domestic violence, juvenile issues, civil disputes and criminal cases are all matters that come before a District Court Judge. The people of this district deserve Judge with the experience, knowledge, common sense and core values to faithfully execute the duties of this office. I have been that Judge for the last 15 years.



I have always had a profound respect for the laws of this state and for the Constitution. As a conservative Judge I believe strongly that legislators, not Judges, should make the laws and Judges should apply them as written. Using this judicial philosophy, I have presided over thousands of district court matters.


I took an oath to execute the office of District Court Judge with integrity, independence, and impartiality. These commitments guide me daily on and off the bench. You will not have to wonder what kind of Judge I will be, because my record and reputation demonstrate the kind of Judge and person I am.

I am not only a judge, but also a wife, mother, voter and taxpayer. I face the same challenges you do as I raise my children and work with our local schools and government. Many of my friends and family members serve this community in law enforcement and EMS and as teachers, preachers and counselors. I know how deeply my decisions affect them and you.

I am privileged, honored, and blessed to have had the opportunity to serve this district. I have earned the support and respect of Attorneys, Court Staff, Law Enforcement, judges, and the good people of Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba counties. With your support I look forward to continuing my service as your District Court Judge.



Nathaniel Poovey

Chief Resident Superior Court Judge, Catawba County

I endorse her wholeheartedly. Judge Walker is fair, extremely hard working and intelligent. She is inherently self-disciplined and cares about those appearing before her. She takes her role as a judge seriously, but with humility- she renders justice with mercy. She is constantly working to become more knowledgeable about the law and is well qualified as a judge across a range of different areas, including domestic, civil, criminal and juvenile. Just like any other type of work, there is a learning curve to being a good judge. The 25th district would truly suffer if we lost her 15 years of experience. 

Forrest Ferrell

Retired Chief Resident Superior Court Judge, Catawba County

She is totally interested in making sure that everyone gets a fair hearing and a chance to speak. She is not a political judge, but a judge who wants to make sure everyone has a fair opportunity in court. 

Dr. Aron Gabriel

Superintendent, Newton Conover City Schools

It is rare to find a non-educator who is a problem solver with regard to public education challenges. She has been a wonderful partner to our school system. Because she is a mother with multiple children in the system and a judge, she can approach each student's situation with empathy, fairness and justice. She hugs necks and gives high fives. She is a unique blend. I would love to have more judges and local officials join her efforts to partner with, to foster student's success.

LaWanda Brown

Advocate, Designation First Step Domestic Violence Program

I enthusiastically endorse Judge Walker. She has been a passionate advocate and participant in the reform of domestic violence and sexual assault prosecution. She has worked tirelessly to help bring about needed improvements in the ways we handle the bond process, notify victims, incorporate their input and render the whole process as transparent as possible. She was part of the team that decided that we needed to take this on and has played a central role in the changes being made.

Pamela Hemphill

Certified Paralegal and PAI Coordinator (Private Attorney Involvement Coordinator), Legal Aid of North Carolina, for Caldwell, Burke, Catawba, McDowell, Alexander, Watauga, Yancey, Avery and Mitchell counties, 2001-2017

She cares about people and makes sure they get a fair hearing in court. She listens to what people have to say. Being a judge is not an easy job to learn. Her experience as a judge makes a big difference.

Scott Reilly

25th District Attorney Elect

I have seen Judge Walker in either the criminal or domestic courtroom almost every single day for the past 16 years. Judge Walker has the respect of law enforcement officers, assistant DAs, Judges, and other lawyers. I can't think of anyone in our justice system as widely trusted and respected as Judge Amy Sigmon Walker. The citizens have confidence in Judge Walker because of her experience of being a District Court Judge for the past 16 years as well as her experience as both a former prosecutor and as a defense attorney. Her sense of fairness and sound judgement are her most important qualities.